Ароматизаторы TPA для самозамеса (USA)

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Aroma Flavoring by The Perfumer Apprentice (TPA), made in USA , intended to make your own electronic cigarette e-liquid.
Percentage of use: 10%-18%
Attention: This is aroma flavoring and not ready to use e-liquid. It's for advanced users, that want and know how to make their own e-liquid.

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TPA - The Perfumers Apprentice

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Для оптовых покупателей свяжитесь с нами по Телефону: 052-7955455, E-Mail: info@cig.co.il, или через контактную форму магазина.

Комментарии и обзоры

Where are the 500ml options?? can you please add them back
Add tobacco plz.TPA West for example.
Thanks and could you please add the flavor Mary Jane TPA ?
Where are the 16.5ml options?? can you please add them back ?? 50ml is too much
16.5 will be added back soon, in 2-3 days, we out of bottles for now.
Can you add TFA Pie Crust and TFA Apple Pie please?
Dear Customers,
As per your request we just added following new flavors:

Lemon Lime II TPA
Meringue TPA
Orange Cream Bar TPA
Rice Crunchies TPA
Swedish Gummy TPA
Vanilla Bean Gelato

Enjoy :)
gummy candy pleeeeease
TPA rice crunchies!!
Within our next order there we will check for all the flavors you asked.
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