Sadboy - Strawberry Jam Cookie - 100ml



Treat your vape palate to a warm freshly baked cookie, where dreamy clouds spew from your lips. Surround yourself with the happy scents of a crumbling shortbread cookie, complete with a sticky strawberry jam center! As with all good cookies, we start out with a rich and flavorful shortbread cookie dough. Pure cane sugar is mixed with softened butter, creating a base for our dessert e-liquid. Next, we fold in a few beaten eggs, followed by a dash of vanilla. This sweet and firm cookie dough is rolled into little spheres, which are laid out on a cookie sheet. This cookie laden sheet gets popped into the oven, where the cookies bake to a delicious golden brown. Once these delicacies are fully baked, the entire cookie sheet is removed from the heat and set on a wire rack to cool.

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Product Type:
E-liquid / Ejuice

Eliquid Info

Bottle Size:
  • 100ML
Flavor Type:
  • Desserts
PG/VG Ratio:
  • 70%VG / 30%PG

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