Payment options

We have 4 possible ways to pay for your order:
1. Credit card
2. Paypal: Starting November 2020 Paypal payment no longer available, due to policy changes regarding Electronic cigarettes and e-liquid. Paypal no longer allowed to use to pay for e-cigarette products and accessories.
3. Bank Transfer (you'll receive bank details when this payment option is chosen)
4. Payment by phone call with credit card details.

For Any additional questions, please contact us via contact form.


Unfortunately paypal has banned ecigarette sites from using it for buying ecig products and e-juices
It is unfortunate that a large store like yours does not accept Master or Cash Card, not even PayPal. I made two orders and they were canceled because of that. You must take into account, not everyone can get a credit card.
I hope that you will find a solution to this problem. In all ways, your money is guaranteed, and you will get it before sending the parcel, right?
שלום, דוד דהן
אתה מוזמן ליצור אתנו קשר בטלפון 0527955455 בזמנך הפנוי.
היי רוצה להזמין ואשמח אם תצרו עימי קשר לברור מס פרטים בבקשה
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