Mother's Milk [Premium]

Weight: 70 gram

Strawberry milkshake mixed with vanilla cream gives this mix very gentle but noticeable and unique taste.

Product Type:
E-liquid / Ejuice
CIG Group
Flavor Type:
  • Desserts
Bottle Size:
  • 50ML
  • 100ML
  • 500ML
PG/VG Ratio:
  • 50%VG / 50%PG

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מהטעמים שניסיתי עד היום
Mother's milk 5/5
Banana split 3/5
Yumberry 3/5 טעם מוזר מאוד
Bioshock 4/5
Great juice collection!
I've tried : Bioshock 5/5 , MotherMilk 5/5 , Cramael Graham Cracker 4/5
definitely recommend for MotherMilk and Bioshock
Mother's Milk - This one is the best of the 4 I would say. I vape in the office, and everyone going crazy about how great it smells, and it tastes insanely good. 5/5 for this one.
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