Inawera Aroma Flavoring For DIY E-liquid

Weight: 50 gram

Aroma Flavoring by Inawera (Poland) , intended to make your own electronic cigarette e-liquid.
Percentage of use: 3%-4%
Attention: This is aroma flavoring and not ready to use e-liquid. It's for advanced users, that want and know how to make their own e-liquid.
To list of available safety data sheets click here: MSDS INAWERA.

Product Type:
Flavor concentrate

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Thank you for the new stuff ...
please can u add Inawera Biscuit?
or any cookies than capella sugar cookies :(
Inawera shisha vanilla is amazing dude ...
хорошая табачка. стоит попробовать.
Is Inawera Biscotti = Inawera Biscuit?
Excellent collection of flavors :)

Please add the Vanilla Shisha (Inawera) .. It is a delicious type of Vanilla
Will Do :)
Please add the Sesame Flavor!!! It is very good!
and come on, we are in the middle east! we need this flavor!
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