Ароматизаторы FlavourArt для самозамеса (Italy)

Вес: 50 gram

Aroma Flavoring by FlavourArt (FA), made in Italy , one of the best flavorings to create your own electronic cigarette e-liquid.
Percentage of use: 2%-6%
Attention: This is aroma flavoring and not ready to use e-liquid. It's for advanced users, that want and know how to make their own e-liquid.To list of available safety data sheets click here: MSDS FA.

FlavourArt (Italy)

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JoY Fa

You are amazing
FA strawberry (red touch) is a real deal ... really juicy strawberry .. please add
?Do you plan to receive it
No, as you can see, it is not in stock
Do you have Custard Cream ?
add flavourart morning sun plzzzz
Any chance of getting FlavorArt Joy?
plz add morning sun
where is morning sun flavourart ????
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