Flavorwest Aroma Flavoring For DIY E-liquid

Weight: 50 gram

Aroma Flavoring by FlavourWest (FW), made in USA , one of the best flavorings to create your own electronic cigarette e-liquid.
Percentage of use: 15%-20%

Attention: This is aroma flavoring and not ready to use e-liquid. It's for advanced users, that want and know how to make their own e-liquid.

Flavorwest (USA)

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Any Bakeries stuff??!!!
Cake batter Dip...
Glazed donut...
Yellow cake ???
Hey Zohar can you add FW Salted Caramel?
Tres Leches FW!
salt water taffy please!
and Peanut Butter FW. Please add more Unicorn Vomit FW, Tutti Fruity FW
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